Extra Extra !!! Users involved in using systems ;-)

Management Blog: Technology only as good as user expectations

It doesn’t matter how good technological innovation is, it will fail
financially if the user reaction is not taken into account.

Working in software development and business intelligence, I have frequently been tempted to add ‘user acceptability’ or ‘cultural impact’ to the list of software features that are being compared between two different packages.

Especially when the user is being asked to populate the software with information (which is required for the software to operate effectively (like it did in the brochure));

I’m tempted to ask

‘Hey what’s the users payoff’ !!!

i) Love of the company;

ii) Joy in seeing the success and meteoric rise to fame of the developers in question.

Or maybe something a little bit more ‘personally motivating’ like

i) Being able to do their job faster

ii) Being able to chat to their friends in marketing without having to create an excuse to deliver documents 😉

I know sometimes the ‘way things really are’ (read the way users will actually react) is often too hot to write down on a project specification. But if its not put down somewhere (seriously) why do we even bother.

Certainly tech solutions that provide their benefits without getting in the users way, or provide the actual user with some real benefit to their daily world, will have a better grab at success and should be encouraged by us all.

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One Response to “Extra Extra !!! Users involved in using systems ;-)”

  1. John Says:

    Bravo – reading your comments makes 3 years of slog start to seem worthwhile and yet as you correctly identify so many leave out usability and engagement as key criteria. Fear not – software built around engagement and usability is here – it will mean more quality information and more manager time doing what they should do most – interacting with people directly! http://www.sonar6.com

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